Tuesday, 2 December 2008


An old classic which i have seen before.

Jennifer Agutter, plays a young girl in this strange Australian film about a small family, a desperate father and a young girls transformation into a woman.

Set in Australia Jenny Agutter plays an innocent young girl living her new life in austrlia. Going to school, playing with her younger brother, she does all the normal things a young girl would do, untill her father tries to take thier lives whils on a picnic and finally takes his own.

Fraught with desperation the fathers relationship is disturbing. The way he looks at his pretty daughter and his lack of engagement with his wife gives you a little insight into his life going no-where, suggestions of financial difficulty at the biginning of the film and again when he kills himself sets it in stone that his life was busy, busy with trying to gain control of his money and hopelssly losing his battle with his wife whilst trying to resist his sexual urges for his daughter.

Jenny leads her brother away from the burning pile of mess that was once his dad and into an unknown journey to the outbacks of Oz. meeting with desperation for food and water, de-hydrating from the sun and on the verge of death they meet with an aboriginal boy. Clearly full of knowledge into how to survive this boy leads them in the right direction to civilisation. On the way she faces the ultimate challenge of survival having to eat the fresh kill. Its raw a real footage of hunting leaves nothing to the imagination and you get a reall sense of un-ease and "Oh my god" seeing the hunting of various lizards was kind-of ok but the hunting of Kangaroo's was a bit taboo in the sense that its almost not aloud, forgetting the time that the film was made.

Slowly but surely the Aboirginal boy falls for the girl even having a moment of the after effects in the house of a domestic argument that you never get to see. Body language is off and spaces between them has more distance. Realsing that this is no good the abo boy tries to "woo" her and goes throught the traditional Aboriginy dance of getting the partner or loved one. Tagically she does not understand what is happening and the language barrier closes the door, she is nothing more than confused and scared. Unfortunately for the Abo boy realsing that he has lost all hope decides to commit suicide, leaving the girl and her young brother to fend for themselves once again.
Finally they meet what they think is civilisation and are met with nothing more than an unwelcomed sense of hermit-ness, ultimately Jenny's character is forced into becoming one not too far from that of her mothers and in a way closes the circle of life from beggining to end.

A must see film and one to put on your list of die-hard films to see.

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