Monday, 8 December 2008

Rethunk my thinking

Interim crit today and i got some very usefull information into my own direction of this which has led me to rethink it all.

My original idea was going to be an interior shot, and the final image most likely will be but i am going to look into other area's for this.

Abandoned britain, what a coinsidence!! Myself and partner have been interested in this for quite some time. I find it really interesting how these places have just been abandoned..

Most recently we ventured to a place called Leybourne Grange, situated just off the M20. This old and disused hospital for mental defects has just sat doing nothing for over 20 years until recently a major developer bought it to turn it into homes..

Pictures taken by myself at the Grange this year.

Its hard to explain the emotion you get when you go into this place. One emotion i get is that no-one has really left this place, there is still a sense that you are being watched or followed.
This has influenced me more in terms of what emotion i need to find for my piece.

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Ethan Clements said...

i love the picture of the baths, it's really quite eerie... cheers for the post, i'm sure i'll be seeking your advice sometime between now and the christams holidays :)