Monday, 8 December 2008

Rethunk my thinking

Interim crit today and i got some very usefull information into my own direction of this which has led me to rethink it all.

My original idea was going to be an interior shot, and the final image most likely will be but i am going to look into other area's for this.

Abandoned britain, what a coinsidence!! Myself and partner have been interested in this for quite some time. I find it really interesting how these places have just been abandoned..

Most recently we ventured to a place called Leybourne Grange, situated just off the M20. This old and disused hospital for mental defects has just sat doing nothing for over 20 years until recently a major developer bought it to turn it into homes..

Pictures taken by myself at the Grange this year.

Its hard to explain the emotion you get when you go into this place. One emotion i get is that no-one has really left this place, there is still a sense that you are being watched or followed.
This has influenced me more in terms of what emotion i need to find for my piece.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


An old classic which i have seen before.

Jennifer Agutter, plays a young girl in this strange Australian film about a small family, a desperate father and a young girls transformation into a woman.

Set in Australia Jenny Agutter plays an innocent young girl living her new life in austrlia. Going to school, playing with her younger brother, she does all the normal things a young girl would do, untill her father tries to take thier lives whils on a picnic and finally takes his own.

Fraught with desperation the fathers relationship is disturbing. The way he looks at his pretty daughter and his lack of engagement with his wife gives you a little insight into his life going no-where, suggestions of financial difficulty at the biginning of the film and again when he kills himself sets it in stone that his life was busy, busy with trying to gain control of his money and hopelssly losing his battle with his wife whilst trying to resist his sexual urges for his daughter.

Jenny leads her brother away from the burning pile of mess that was once his dad and into an unknown journey to the outbacks of Oz. meeting with desperation for food and water, de-hydrating from the sun and on the verge of death they meet with an aboriginal boy. Clearly full of knowledge into how to survive this boy leads them in the right direction to civilisation. On the way she faces the ultimate challenge of survival having to eat the fresh kill. Its raw a real footage of hunting leaves nothing to the imagination and you get a reall sense of un-ease and "Oh my god" seeing the hunting of various lizards was kind-of ok but the hunting of Kangaroo's was a bit taboo in the sense that its almost not aloud, forgetting the time that the film was made.

Slowly but surely the Aboirginal boy falls for the girl even having a moment of the after effects in the house of a domestic argument that you never get to see. Body language is off and spaces between them has more distance. Realsing that this is no good the abo boy tries to "woo" her and goes throught the traditional Aboriginy dance of getting the partner or loved one. Tagically she does not understand what is happening and the language barrier closes the door, she is nothing more than confused and scared. Unfortunately for the Abo boy realsing that he has lost all hope decides to commit suicide, leaving the girl and her young brother to fend for themselves once again.
Finally they meet what they think is civilisation and are met with nothing more than an unwelcomed sense of hermit-ness, ultimately Jenny's character is forced into becoming one not too far from that of her mothers and in a way closes the circle of life from beggining to end.

A must see film and one to put on your list of die-hard films to see.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Stange one this, lol..

Ok, directed by Peter Wier.

This attempts to unleash your imagination and let oose on your senses, however, the lack of sound quality led me to come to other conclusions based on what i thought was said and later found out what really was said.

Story about a group of Angelic girls off on a school picnic to Hanging Rock. Set in 1900, a very educational and strict time for those that had wealth, a group of girls go missing whilst on an excursion to explore the rock. Its difficult to gauge what actually happened based on the evidence (or lack of). Being a volcanic rock, where caves and dangerous area's are, also the possibility of heat could be one possible cause. A kidnapping? even the notion of UFO's? the idea's are there but never really implied, red lights in the sky?? since you never see the very top of Hanging Rock this could be light from lava reflecting in the sky? or other world life forms abducting us. There is even a chance that as time has apparently stood still from 12pm being near the rock enters you into a time warp, the girls going to the top and the center of the rock could have entered into another time frame, one that is outside of our own. without a doubt the films throws all the usual rules out the window and lets you choose what you think could of happened, since you never really know.

Sets are full of wealth, rich with no detail spared. Outside is dirty, dangerous and raw to the elements. This can also be said for the acting. Inside everything is deliberate with rules and understanding, where-as outside is relaxed and free, free from rules and inteligence, a place where one becomes one with natures way.

The relationship that the young girl Sara has with everyone is strange and hidden. Certainly i feel that her relationship with Miranda was one she looked up to a great deal, having come from an orphanage i feel she longed to be what Miranda was. Strange how Mrs Appleyards relationship was one of dislike, forcing her to read lines from a peom that she did not understand whils the others where off on a trip. Making her go to be early even tying her up whilts the others had a lesson. This restriction of movement this pinning down finally led her to hate Mrs Appleyard, topping it all to find out the her fee's had stopped and she was being sent back to the orphange, without the fact that her idol was missing or even dead.

Mrs Appleyard after the events at Hanging Rock diminished, with parents writing in to tell her that students would not be attending next year, she had no choice but to feel like a failure, someone that was of such stature in the community and had built so much had it all taken away not by the events that took place but by her own lack of composure in the situation thus leading her (or so we are to assume) to kill Sara.

The young english boys relationship with the young ausie sporting his obvioulsy fake tattoo's was in my eyes nothing more than a young restricted, educated man throwing caution to the wind and being a bit daring, smoking his cigarette and swiging on the beer, he transformed from nobel englishman to daring young adult.

Needless to say the film is wierd, strange and out of bounds for anyone who wants an answer, you wont find one here.